CBD FAQ: Full Spectrum CBD oil for Pets

Organic CBD for dogs and Full Spectrum CBD for pets

Is CBD Safe for My Pet?

Here at Wildwood Herbal, we consider our pets a part of the family. Rest assured, we wouldn’t recommend anything for your pets that we wouldn’t give to ours. Not only do we know that CBD is safe for pets, but there’s also lots of research that shows that cats and dogs have very similar endocannabinoid systems as humans, so most household pets will get the same effects from full-spectrum CBD products as you do. 

What are some CBD benefits for pets?

Among us humans, CBD oils are known for their calming, anxiety-reducing properties, as well as anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve chronic joint pain and arthritis. We’ve noticed that our mammalian furry friends can often receive very similar CBD benefits.  When given to pets, the Wildwood Herbal Full Spectrum CBD oils seem to relieve pets’ hip and joint pain, while reducing the anxiety related to travel, grooming, trips to the vet, and even holiday fireworks. 

What is the Right CBD oil Dose for My Pet?

You know your pet better than anyone, so finding the right dosage depends largely on gauging how your pet seems to react to his or her dosage. Generally speaking, a good place to start is with 1mg of CBD per 10 pounds of body weight, and then gradually increase while keeping an eye on your pet’s behavior. If you notice they’re acting sluggish or disinterested, reduce the dose and then increase in smaller amounts until you find a dosage that works for your pet.

How Long Does It Take Before CBD Starts Working?

CBD oils absorb into the bloodstream relatively quickly, with most doses showing effects within an hour of ingestion. That first hour after the first dose should be closely monitored and a follow-up dose can be given if you don’t notice any change in pet behavior.

Is Giving CBD oil to My Pet Legal?

Yes. Wildwood Herbal’s Full Spectrum CBD oil and other products contain less than 0.3% THC, making all of our products completely safe, legal, and effective. 

What Does Full-Spectrum CBD Mean for My Dog or Cat?

Wildwood Herbal’s Full Spectrum CBD extracts come from organic, undoctored hemp plants that have been grown with love in the rich soil of Western North Carolina. Our CBD products contain lots of naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, and other phytonutrients of the hemp plant. All of our customers--pets and humans--get the powerful health benefits that are only present in naturally derived Full Spectrum CBD products. 

How Should I Store My CBD oil? 

You can store Wildwood Herbal’s CBD products in the same place you store your pet’s dry or canned food.. A cool, dry place like the pantry, kitchen drawer, medicine cabinet, or other indoor area will work too. 

Will Full Spectrum CBD Products Get My Pet High?

No. Wildwood Herbal’s phytocannabinoid products are derived from cannabis sativa hemp plants, but contain less than 0.3% THC, which is considered safe, non-psychoactive, and legal by the U.S. government. Our CBD products won’t get you stoned, whether you have 2 legs or 4. 

For more information about Wildwood Herbal’s line of Full Spectrum CBD products, visit our CBD store at www.wildwoodherbal.org/collections/all

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