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Wildwood Herbal CBD-Anxiety

Anxiety & Stress

I’ve been using CBD products for a little over a year now. None have compared to that of Wildwoods! My anxiety has always been a issues and their products have helped me control it and they’re yummy! Everyone in my family uses it now and you should too!!! You really can’t go wrong with anything they offer, trust me, I’ve tried them all💚


Wildwood Herbal Animal-Friendly CBD


I love this business! My dog has seizures and when I found out they have cbd oil, and at such a great price (and organic!) I purchased some. Nearly right away I noticed my dog seems to feel better, be able to jump up on the bed (like he was having arthritic issues and I did not know -he is 8). The seizures have been cut down in duration and in seizure activity(not anywhere near as often!). To thank you my friends for such a great product!

-Ginnie W.

Wildwood Herbal CBD for Insomnia


Wildwood Herbal has been a game changer for me! The CBD oil has helped me with anxiety and insomnia! Hands down the best product I have found! I 100% recommend Wildwood Herbal to anyone needing CBD products.

-Christin R.

Wildwood Herbal CBD-Pain Management

Pain Management

Great products and great people! I have consistently used their CBD for anxiety and pain and know I'm in good hands with a product grown and cared for by people I can trust every step of the way. I always get some veggie starts from them for my garden every spring and tasty produce to fill the gaps in my garden when I have a chance to swing by the market.

-Tucker W.

Wildwood Herbal CBD-Muscle Rub

Muscle Ease

I have been taking Wildwood Herbal CBD oil for approximately 15 months. It is my primary muscle relaxant which l take daily for the muscle spasms l have from nerve damage in my neck, and for mild TMJ. Not only am l able to manage my pain naturally, but l am able to maintain it by taking CBD. It works for me, and l am happy to recommend Wildwood Herbals. Being able to support a local farmer, as well as buying locally really appeals to me, and knowing where the plants have been grown brings peace of mind too. Seth is knowledgeable about the whole process, keeps updated, and is obviously passionate about what he does, not only CBD but farming in general.

-Susan V.

Wildwood Herbal CBD-Joint Inflamation

Joint Inflamation

Using Wildwood Herbal CBD oil has been life changing for me as I have had issues with arthritis and anxiety. I no longer have trouble with joint pain, stiffness and inflamation while also feeling more relaxed without getting high. Many thanks to Wildwood Herbal.

-Beth D.