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Seth Salmon Wildwood Herbal

Wildwood Herbal has been growing hemp for about 4 years and has been a WNC family-owned farm for the last 40 years. Current 4th generation organic farm owner, Seth Salmon, took over the family business 10 years ago from his dad, and has been running the farm ever since.

Their mission is to provide people with the safe agricultural products they need. Farming cannabis sativa hemp plants came as an opportunity to continue this mission. Working with nature's best plants has been a part of Wildwood Herbal's farming mission for decades. In 2017 a landmark decision was made in NC, approving once again the cultivation of a crop that had been criminalized for decades - hemp (not to be confused with its psychoactive cousin, marijuana). Bringing in hemp and CBD products was a natural next step in the evolution of Wildwood Herbal.

Wildwood Herbal Hemp Leaf

Everything Seth grows is 100% organic and tended to expertly, which is reflected in the quality of his strains.

"I use facilitation, not force. Nature is the best farmer", says Seth of his farming process.

Wildwood Herbal farm includes 7 acres, with 6 greenhouses and 10 acres of leased land. It is located in the Reems creek valley outside of Asheville, NC. This location has a rich agricultural history that goes back long before European settlers. Seth is the fourth generation of Wildwood Herbal, which has been in operation since 1980. They grow garden starts, food produce, and cannabis sativa hemp plants for wellness. During 2020, Wildwood Herbal supplied area food pantry’s with over 20,000 lbs of organic produce- all the while expanding their greenhouse cannabis production!

Seth feels that "growing is a labor of love. You will feel that when you try one of our products."

About Wildwood Herbal's CBD Processing

The CBD bottle filling and formulation process is handled within a clean lab room, one that meets ISO 7 Spec (Class 10,000 cleanroom) requirements.  This is a common class of cleanrooms, with 30-60 air changes per hour.  Air cleanliness is achieved by passing the air through HEPA filters. The more often the air passes through the HEPA filters, the fewer particles are left in the room air.


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