CBD Recipes • CBD Berry Mocktail

      We decided to play around with this yummy summer mocktail recipe shared recently by Mountain Rose Herbs. Since our organic full spectrum Wildwood Herbal CBD oil can be incorporated into soooooo many recipes, why not have it delight you as a refreshing cool-down after doing yard work, gardening, farming, or just to sip and enjoy!

        Wildwood Herbal CBD Berry Mocktail

        CBD Berry Mocktail

        Since we are not a flower farm, we've included links to Mountain Rose Herbs options that can be included in your recipe. Additionally, you can pick most of these items up at your local co-op. Whenever possible, we always encourage using as much local, organic produce and ingredients that you can get your hand on.

        *This tea concentrate generates three cups.



        1. Bring water and hibiscus flowers to a boil in a pot.
        2. Remove from heat, add in remaining ingredients (all except for the honey).
        3. Cover and steep until cool enough to handle, at least 20 minutes
        4. Strain out herbs - compost or boil again and use as a weaker tea option for plant fertilizer.
        5. Stir in honey until dissolved.
        6. Refrigerate tea concentrate until cold. Tea will keep in the refrigerator for several days.
        7. Add fizzy seltzer water for an extra boost of refreshment.

        *Pro Tip: Mountain Rose Herbs’ Hibiscus High Tea or Berry Bramble Tea can be used as substitutes if you don’t want to blend your own.