CBD Recipes • CBD Peppermint Tea

      Ahh, fresh peppermint tea- there’s nothing quite like it. The Wildwood Herbal CBD Peppermint tea recipe is a quick and easy way for you to incorporate our organic full spectrum CBD oil. Not only does our CBD oil have a yummy and slighty spicy kick, it pairs very well with the soothing effects of peppermint for your system.

        Wildwood Herbal CBD Peppermint Tea

        Peppermint CBD Tea

        We are fortunate here at the Wildwood Herbal farm to grow and sell our own peppermint (along with other delicious herbs) and we’ve found that adding a few drops of our organic full spectrum CBD oil makes for a delicious tea, enjoyed hot or cold.


          1. Bring water to a boil.
          2. Remove water, adding peppermint leaves.
          3. Steep loose leaves for up to 20 minutes (if using store bought tea bags, steep based upon personal preference).
          4. Add 1/2 dropper of Wildwood Herbal CBD oil to steeping tea.
          5. Sweeten if desired and enjoy!