CBD Oil in Your Protein Shake? How CBD Helps With Post-Workout Recovery

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Have you ever wished that you wouldn’t feel as sore after a tough workout? If so, CBD could be the solution you’ve been searching for! Recent studies have shown that CBD supplements can help relieve post-workout soreness. More research is needed to determine how exactly cannabidiol interacts in the human body, but recent scientific studies show that it could have a very positive effect on people’s wellbeing.

Cannabis derived supplements have been used for their medicinal benefits for hundreds of years. Ancient Chinese medicine documents the usage of cannabis derivatives for many purposes, including as an anti-inflammatory agent. The cannabis plant contains many different chemicals, including cannabidiol, that act on receptors throughout the body and the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) to produce pharmacologic effects.

CBD is becoming increasingly popular in the fitness world for all its potential medicinal benefits, including its ability to:

  • reduce post workout inflammation by lowering endocannabinoid levels
  • lessen muscle pain after exercising by blocking cannabinoid receptors  
  • speed up recovery time by decreasing macromolecular breakdown during workouts

Why We Feel Sore After A Workout

Sore Muscles After Workout

In order to understand how CBD can improve your post-workout recovery routine, it is important to know why we feel sore after a workout. The soreness you feel after a workout is called delayed onset muscle soreness, and while it is natural, it can be very uncomfortable. It is caused by exercise-induced muscle damage, which is also a normal occurrence during intense workouts. When your muscles are working harder than usual, it can cause microscopic damage to muscle fibers, which is ultimately the cause of your post-workout soreness. This muscle damage is one of the reasons why post-workout recovery can be so difficult, as it leaves you feeling less energetic and more fatigued. While the exact way CBD impacts delayed onset muscle soreness remains somewhat a mystery, studies show that it can help relieve the pain associated with exercise induced muscle damage. 

While moderate exercise induces a certain degree of inflammation in your muscles through micro-tears, hard workouts result in even bigger tears that require extra time to recover from. This process is called macromolecular breakdown, which occurs during especially strenuous exercises such as those performed by athletes or weightlifters. A study on rats demonstrated just how quickly macromolecular breakdown can occur: after only one hour of intense treadmill running! In order for this type of tissue damage to heal properly and efficiently, the body must initiate an inflammatory response – but unfortunately, this inflammation can lead to even more pain and soreness.

How Wildwood Herbal CBD Oil Can Help

Wildwood Herbal CBD Oil

CBD has been found to reduce the amount of macromolecular breakdown that occurs during intense exercise, which can help speed up post-workout recovery time. In a study on rodents from 2013, it was discovered that cannabidiol could prevent injury by reducing tissue damage in muscles after strenuous workouts. This is because CBD interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which plays an important role in regulating several processes like immune function, sleep patterns, mood, pain response and more. The ECS works through cannabinoid receptors; specifically two subtypes called CB₁ and CB₂ receptors which are found all throughout the human body. When activated, these receptors interact with other system elements to bring about the beneficial effects CBD is known for.

The ECS plays a key role in modulating your body’s natural endocannabinoid levels after exercise, which can be extremely beneficial towards helping you recover from strenuous workouts. Post-workout inflammation leads to elevated endocannabinoid activity that may contribute to muscle soreness; therefore by lowering this inflammatory response through cannabidiol supplementation, we could potentially reduce our pain significantly. In the same study mentioned above, it was shown that subjects who were given CBD supplements experienced less macromolecular breakdown than those who weren't – meaning their muscles needed less time to recover from exercise.

In a separate study, CBD was found to reduce inflammatory processes in the body, resulting in reduced pain and oxidative stress. The results of this research also indicated that cannabidiol could help speed up post-workout recovery time by reducing swelling and discomfort – which is exactly what you need after an intense workout! 

In another study conducted in 2020 and published in the International Journal of Physical Education, Sports, and Health, CBD oil taken orally was shown to ease muscle pain after exercise. In this study, 23 trained participants were split into 3 groups and randomly given CBD oil, MCT oil, or nothing after a workout and were then examined over a period of 96 hours. The results showed that the group who received CBD oil after their workout felt muscle pain relief much faster than those who received MCT oil or nothing. While more research is required before we can say with certainty that CBD will have these effects for everyone, it provides promising leads towards solving several problems that are associated with strenuous workouts.

Why Use Wildwood Herbal CBD for Post-Workout Recovery?

Wildwood Herbal Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Recently it has become clear that CBD can help manage pain caused by exercise induced muscle damage. If you suffer from aching muscles after your workout, try adding some Wildwood Herbal CBD oil to your post-workout protein shake. The protein will fuel your muscles and the CBD will help control your pain so you can feel better faster as you recover!

If you want to add cannabis derived products to your post-workout routine, it's important that you only use high-quality products from a trusted supplier. At Wildwood Herbal, we make full-spectrum CBD oil which guarantees a maximized benefit margin. Our CBD products are also third-party tested, so you know you're getting the real deal.

By adding CBD oil or other cannabis derivative supplements to your daily routine, you can help keep inflammation under control while also improving overall health! Check out Wildwood Herbal's line of cannabis derived products today.

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