CBD Recipes • CBD Lavender Soak

      Alongside the obvious benefits that Lavender provides, such as relieving stress and promoting restful sleep, this powerful herb is more than meets the eye. Our Lavender CBD bath soak recipe is a quick and easy way for you to incorporate our organic full spectrum CBD oil. Not everyone has easy or local access to full spectrum CBD or organic lavender. If you would like to enjoy our ready-to-soak CBD Lavender bath blend you can find it here.

        Wildwood Herbal CBD Bath Soak

        CBD Lavender Bath Soak

        We are fortunate here at the Wildwood Herbal Farm to grow and sell our own lavender (along with other delicious herbs). Lavender is such a fantastic, aromatic flower. It's natural properties include lowering skin irritation, it has been known to help prevent infections, reduce internal inflammation, eliminate dry scalp and dandruff, and soothe stomach bloating and gas. Technically classified in the mint genus family, Lavandula angustifolia is the most common lavender form and probably the one you are most familiar with.


          1. Fill bath with hot water.
          2. Add lavender flower buds while water fills the tub.
          3. Add CBD drops.
          4. Soak for at least 20 minutes or more.
          5. Relax and enjoy your medicinal soak!